Power and Energy Course

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Power and Energy Course

This interdisciplinary course is aimed at upper-class undergraduate and graduate students interested in developing an

understanding of power and energy technologies and systems, energy security, high energy and pulsed power. US Navy

leadership has recognized Power and Energy as a strategic imperative for the success of their operations and the

Nation’s future technological superiority. This course will explore topics important to the National Defense including

batteries, liquid transportation fuels, hydrogen, thermal management, power electronics, flexible electronics, cyber

security of control and sensing systems from the perspective of the Navy in its onshore bases and afloat. The course

comprises both academic and military practitioner lectures, Navy and Defense relevant design projects, and includes a

professional orientation or research and operational support performed at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane


Power and Energy (Fall 2017) – August 20, 2017 (../../documents/Power and Energy Fall 2017 – August 20 2017.pdf)

Power and Energy Course outline – August 23, 2017 (../../documents/Power and Energy Course outline August 23,


Navy STEM course abstracts and readings – August 23, 2017 (../../documents/Navy STEM course abstracts and

readings August 23, 2017.pdf)



Tom Adams

Nuclear Engineering, Alternative

and Power Engineer, NSWC Crane


Eric Dietz

Professor of Computer

Information Technology


Maureen McCann

Professor of Biological Sciences

and Director; Energy Center


Pankaj Sharma

Managing Director; Energy Center

and Professor of Engineering

Technology (Courtesy)

Teaching Assistant

Craig, Colby

craigcr@purd ue.edu (mailto:craigcr@purdue.edu)